• list - List the officer appointments

Resource Representation

   "date_of_birth" : {
      "month" : "integer",
      "year" : "integer"
   "etag" : "string",
   "is_corporate_officer" : "boolean",
   "items" : [
         "address" : {
            "address_line_1" : "string",
            "address_line_2" : "string",
            "care_of" : "string",
            "country" : "string",
            "locality" : "string",
            "po_box" : "string",
            "postal_code" : "string",
            "premises" : "string",
            "region" : "string"
         "appointed_before" : "date",
         "appointed_on" : "date",
         "appointed_to" : {
            "company_name" : "string",
            "company_number" : "string",
            "company_status" : "string"
         "country_of_residence" : "string",
         "former_names" : [
               "forenames" : "string",
               "surname" : "string"
         "identification" : {
            "identification_type" : "string",
            "legal_authority" : "string",
            "legal_form" : "string",
            "place_registered" : "string",
            "registration_number" : "string"
         "is_pre_1992_appointment" : "boolean",
         "links" : {
            "company" : "string"
         "name" : "string",
         "name_elements" : {
            "forename" : "string",
            "honours" : "string",
            "other_forenames" : "string",
            "surname" : "string",
            "title" : "string"
         "nationality" : "string",
         "occupation" : "string",
         "officer_role" : "string",
         "resigned_on" : "date"
   "items_per_page" : "integer",
   "kind" : "string",
   "links" : {
      "self" : "string"
   "name" : "string",
   "start_index" : "integer",
   "total_results" : "integer"
Parameter NameTypeDescriptionAdditional
date_of_birth object The officer's date of birth details. Optional.
date_of_birth.month integer The month the officer was born in.
date_of_birth.year integer The year the officer was born in.
etag string The ETag of the resource.
is_corporate_officer boolean Indicator representing if the officer is a corporate body.
items[] list The list of officer appointments.
items[].address object The correspondence address of the officer.
items[].address.address_line_1 string The first line of the address. Optional.
items[].address.address_line_2 string The second line of the address. Optional.
items[].address.care_of string The care of name. Optional.
items[] string The country. For example, UK. Optional.
items[].address.locality string The locality. For example London. Optional.
items[].address.po_box string The post-office box number. Optional.
items[].address.postal_code string The postal code. For example CF14 3UZ. Optional.
items[].address.premises string The property name or number. Optional.
items[].address.region string The region. For example Surrey. Optional.
items[].appointed_before date The date the officer was appointed before. Only present when the is_pre_1992_appointment attribute is true. Optional.
items[].appointed_on date The date the officer was appointed. Optional.
items[].appointed_to object The company information of the appointment.
items[].appointed_to.company_name string The name of the company the officer is acting for. Optional.
items[].appointed_to.company_number string The number of the company the officer is acting for.
items[].appointed_to.company_status string The status of the company the officer is acting for. Optional.
items[].country_of_residence string The officer's country of residence. Optional.
items[].former_names[] list Former names for the officer, if there are any. Optional.
items[].former_names[].forenames string Former forenames of the officer. Optional.
items[].former_names[].surname string Former surnames of the officer. Optional.
items[].identification object Only one from eea, non-eea, uk-limited-company or other-corporate-body-or-firm can be supplied, not multiples of them. Optional.
items[].identification.identification_type string Possible values are:
  • eea
  • non-eea
  • uk-limited-company
  • other-corporate-body-or-firm
items[].identification.legal_authority string The legal authority supervising the company. Optional.
items[].identification.legal_form string The legal form of the company as defined by its country of registration. Optional.
items[].identification.place_registered string Place registered. Optional.
items[].identification.registration_number string Company registration number. Optional.
items[].is_pre_1992_appointment boolean Indicator representing if the officer was appointed before their appointment date. Optional.
items[].links object Links to other resources associated with this officer appointment item.
items[] string Link to the company profile resource that this appointment is associated with.
items[].name string The full name of the officer.
items[].name_elements object A document encapsulating the separate elements of a natural officer's name. Optional. Mandatory for a natural officer appointment.
items[].name_elements.forename string The forename of the officer. Optional.
items[].name_elements.honours string Honours an officer might have. Optional.
items[].name_elements.other_forenames string Other forenames of the officer. Optional.
items[].name_elements.surname string The surname of the officer.
items[].name_elements.title string Title of the officer. Optional.
items[].nationality string The officer's nationality. Optional.
items[].occupation string The officer's occupation. Optional.
items[].officer_role string Possible values are:
  • cic-manager
  • corporate-director
  • corporate-llp-designated-member
  • corporate-llp-member
  • corporate-member-of-a-management
  • corporate-member-of-a-supervisory-organ
  • corporate-member-of-an-administrative-organ
  • corporate-nominee-director
  • corporate-nominee-secretary
  • corporate-secretary
  • director
  • judicial-factor
  • llp-designated-member
  • llp-member
  • member-of-a-management
  • member-of-a-supervisory-organ
  • member-of-an-administrative-organ
  • nominee-director
  • nominee-secretary
  • receiver-and-manager
  • secretary
items[].resigned_on date The date the officer was resigned. Optional.
items_per_page integer The number of officer appointments to return per page.
kind string Possible values are:
  • personal-appointment
links object Links to other resources associated with this officer appointment resource.
links.self string Link to this officer appointment resource.
name string The corporate or natural officer name.
start_index integer The first row of data to retrieve, starting at 0. Use this parameter as a pagination mechanism along with the items_per_page parameter.
total_results integer The total number of officer appointments in this result set.