• list - Get a list of UK Establishment companies

Resource Representation

   "etag" : "string",
   "items" : [
         "company_name" : "string",
         "company_number" : "string",
         "company_status" : "string",
         "links" : {
            "company" : "string"
         "locality" : "string"
   "kind" : "string",
   "links" : {
      "self" : "string"
Parameter NameTypeDescriptionAdditional
etag string The ETag of the resource. Read only
items object List of UK Establishment companies
items.company_name string The name of the company.
items.company_number string The number of the company.
items.company_status string company status.
items.links object Resources related to this company. string The link to the company.
items.locality string The locality e.g London. Optional.
kind string UK Establishment companies. Possible values are:
  • ukestablishment-companies
Read only
links object UK Establishment Resources related to this company. Optional.
links.self string Link to this company.