• get - Get the current address of a company

Resource Representation

   "address_line_1" : "string",
   "address_line_2" : "string",
   "country" : "string",
   "etag" : "string",
   "locality" : "string",
   "po_box" : "string",
   "postal_code" : "string",
   "premises" : "string",
   "region" : "string"
Parameter NameTypeDescriptionAdditional
address_line_1 string The first line of the address.
address_line_2 string The second line of the address. Optional.
country string The country. Possible values are:
  • England
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Great Britain
  • United Kingdom
  • Not specified
etag string The ETag of the resource. Read only.
locality string The locality e.g London.
po_box string The post-office box number. Optional.
postal_code string The postal code e.g CF14 3UZ. Optional.
premises string The property name or number.
region string The region e.g Surrey. Optional.