Resource Representation

   "address" : {
      "address_line_1" : "string",
      "address_line_2" : "string",
      "care_of" : "string",
      "country" : "string",
      "locality" : "string",
      "po_box" : "string",
      "postal_code" : "string",
      "premises" : "string",
      "region" : "string"
   "appointed_on" : "date",
   "country_of_residence" : "string",
   "date_of_birth" : {
      "day" : "integer",
      "month" : "integer",
      "year" : "integer"
   "former_names" : [
         "forenames" : "string",
         "surname" : "string"
   "identification" : {
      "identification_type" : "string",
      "legal_authority" : "string",
      "legal_form" : "string",
      "place_registered" : "string",
      "registration_number" : "string"
   "links" : {
      "officer" : {
         "appointments" : "string"
      "self" : "string"
   "name" : "string",
   "nationality" : "string",
   "occupation" : "string",
   "officer_role" : "string",
   "resigned_on" : "date"
Parameter NameTypeDescriptionAdditional
address object The correspondence address of the officer.
address.address_line_1 string The first line of the address.
address.address_line_2 string The second line of the address. Optional.
address.care_of string The care of name. Optional. string The country e.g. United Kingdom.
address.locality string The locality e.g. London.
address.po_box string The post-office box number. Optional.
address.postal_code string The postal code e.g. CF14 3UZ. Optional.
address.premises string The property name or number. Optional.
address.region string The region e.g. Surrey. Optional.
appointed_on date The date on which the officer was appointed.
country_of_residence string The officer's country of residence. Optional.
date_of_birth object Details of director date of birth. Optional. integer The day of the date of birth. Optional.
date_of_birth.month integer The month of date of birth.
date_of_birth.year integer The year of date of birth.
former_names[] list Former names for the officer. Optional.
former_names[].forenames string Former forenames of the officer. Optional.
former_names[].surname string Former surnames of the officer. Optional.
identification object Only one from eea, non-eea, uk-limited-company or other-corporate-body-or-firm can be supplied, not multiples of them. Optional.
identification.identification_type string Possible values are:
  • eea
  • non-eea
  • uk-limited-company
  • other-corporate-body-or-firm
identification.legal_authority string The legal authority supervising the company. Optional.
identification.legal_form string The legal form of the company as defined by its country of registration. Optional.
identification.place_registered string Place registered. Optional.
identification.registration_number string Company registration number. Optional.
links object Links to other resources associated with this officer list item.
links.officer object Links to other officer resources associated with this officer list item.
links.officer.appointments string Link to the officer appointment resource that this appointment is associated with.
links.self string Link to this individual company officer appointment resource.
name string Corporate or natural officer name.
nationality string The officer's nationality. Optional.
occupation string The officer's job title. Optional.
officer_role string Possible values are:
  • cic-manager
  • corporate-director
  • corporate-llp-designated-member
  • corporate-llp-member
  • corporate-manager-of-an-eeig
  • corporate-member-of-a-management-organ
  • corporate-member-of-a-supervisory-organ
  • corporate-member-of-an-administrative-organ
  • corporate-nominee-director
  • corporate-nominee-secretary
  • corporate-secretary
  • director
  • general-partner-in-a-limited-partnership
  • judicial-factor
  • limited-partner-in-a-limited-partnership
  • llp-designated-member
  • llp-member
  • manager-of-an-eeig
  • member-of-a-management-organ
  • member-of-a-supervisory-organ
  • member-of-an-administrative-organ
  • nominee-director
  • nominee-secretary
  • person-authorised-to-accept
  • person-authorised-to-represent
  • person-authorised-to-represent-and-accept
  • receiver-and-manager
  • secretary
resigned_on date The date on which the officer resigned. Optional.